What We Do

Plural Technology is a software development and consulting company that provides technology and process consulting, services and solutions to product development companies. With a focus on delivering enterprise applications that are user-friendly, intuitive and flexible, Plural combines technical and functional expertise with creativity and innovation in the areas of PLM, ERP and CRM.

We partner with leading PLM players such as ARAS Corporation, Oracle, and PTC to innovate and provide the best solutions across multiple domains. In high demand, our services and delivery practices also include ARAS Innovator. Our experts are ready to design, implement and maintain your ARAS Innovator solution. In fact, Plural has chosen the ARAS Innovator platform for development of its own industry solutions due to Innovator’s unique web-based open source architecture.

Today, we can proudly say that with our expertise, whether in traditional PLM, open source software, cloud services, ERP/CRM Integrations, or mobility, we can reduce 80% of clients’ implementation costs and 60% of support services costs. Plural maintains a large development team that ensures delivered solutions meet client needs and expectations. We are helping companies operate their Product Development and IT organizations with improved efficiency, speed and productivity, and as a result, we are helping to create additional value and growth for clients. Please contact us to learn more about how Plural and our partners can generate growth, value and process improvements within your organization.


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