Product Development is the lifeblood of any engineering and manufacturing company. A company’s ability to rapidly convert new ideas into new products is key to establishing and maintaining competitive advantage. Product Development processes can make or break a sales and market strategy – the product life cycle is just as important as the products that drive sales and revenues. Plural Technology is focused on improving the full product life cycle – from ideation, through manufacturing and beyond, we are delivering technology designed to work for you, and enable your company to successfully compete in a rapidly changing global economy. Our industry-based solutions are designed by our clients to solve real world business and process problems. Our consulting is uniquely different from our competitors…we are addressing issues and problems overlooked by our competitors but not by you!

Challenges faced in Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Disparate tools, systems and processes increase IT Engineering Services costs and maintenance, and lower resource productivity
  • Product Development teams are unable to find and reuse parts, components and assemblies resulting in higher product development and manufacturing costs
  • Collaboration silos exist within the enterprise and negatively affect business processes. “Over the wall” still affects key portions of the product life cycle
  • Technology tools and solutions are not fully integrated resulting in redundant processing and inefficiency across the enterprise

How PLM can improve Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Control and visibility – PLM can be designed to streamline and standardize key business processes
  • Improved data handling – Integrated with other key business systems, PLM can be designed to share information between disparate systems to deliver speed, flexibility and productivity to product development processes
  • PLM for the rest of the organization – solutions exist that can enable other company organizations to achieve a level of performance and integration that used to be only available to Engineering

Higher utilization and ROI – Repeatable processes ensure adoption and return on investment goals are met.