Globalization and consumerism has brought several challenges to footwear and accessories manufacturers. Apart from responding to market demands, they must also address footwear production process challenges in the course of footwear development. Plural Technology addresses critical product development and footwear production process issues via their PLM solution.

Leaders in PLM solution providers for various verticals, their product Apparel Innovator - for apparel and footwear companies is designed to reduce footwear development timelines by addressing footwear production processes innovatively.

Challenges faced in footwear development

  • Product variety is large and new products are launched many times in a year
  • Footwear production process is mostly outsourced leading to lack of coordination
  • Physical samples are industry standard rather than digital samples
  • Availability of product data and tracking them with global users

How a PLM helps in footwear development

  • Reduces time to market – footwear production process time considerably shortened using improved designs
  • Reduces overall cost – material aggregation and reduction in number of samples reduce production cost
  • Improves information exchange – collaboration and data sharing makes product details visible to all stakeholders
  • Improves relationships – streamlined footwear production process, transparency across all stages, and easy tracking leads to better relationships with customers as well as vendors

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