Services You need high quality data and that’s what we do.


Although your business may first buy a product for one type of data integrity problem, to achieve maximum flexibility you should be able to use that solution to solve additional ones.


Our solution can be deployed rapidly and easily, and includes the full assortment of data integrity, data quality.

Handle Complexity

Not understanding relationships can cost your company money. You should know if two people belong to the same household or if a customer owns more than one of your products.

Highly User focused

We deliver value directly to your users by immediately improving business processes and helping them discover relationships in the data which gives powerful insights.


Many Data problems are exceedingly complex. But you don’t want to take a year for the initiative to get off the ground. You want the ability to break down a data problem into smaller components.

Big data for all

Access Hadoop and big data sources fast. We help you to turn big data into a valuable part of your data integration strategy.


Data Development and Maintenance

At Noëtic Data, we produce and maintain high quality data. Even if you already have structured data, we can help. We work with you to define how you want your data structured and formatted. Our highly refined cloud-based tools make this process simple and easy. This is your “data model”.

Once the structure is defined, our data engineers go to work. These electrical and mechanical engineers extract data from all defined sources and enter it into your data model. The sources may include your internal documentation, specifications, requirements, drawings, CAD models, supplier websites, etc. Future data maintenance can be included in your package. When new items are created or changes are made, the engineers are notified and your new data is generated. Data Development and Maintenance


Data Delivery & Publishing

Once your data is in the database, it is made available to your company in any format or delivery mechanism you want. It can be made available as a private webservice, delivered in files or direct connections to your PLM, ERP or Enterprise Search systems.


Our consultants have experience with, knowledge of, and insight into the information technologies used in product development and the supplychain. This includes CAD, PLM, and ERP. More specifically, we assist with improving the processes and data used by these software tools, primarily by applying classification techniques.

Classification Workshops

As a deliverable from this workshop, you will have a classification that is specific to your business and resulting data model. This structure is required to complete the subsequent data development process.

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