Implementing a PLM system can be a challenging and complex undertaking for any organization and company. Arguably, the tool selection process may be the easiest part - the real work begins with developing the solution processes, defining the business rules, configuring and customizing the features and functionality, and more. But, how ready is your team to start working on a PLM implementation project. What external technical resources should you be looking for?

At Plural, we learned from many implementations of PLM that there is a right and wrong way to go at it - having the right partner onboard can often be the difference between success and failure. Choosing an implmentation partner that understands both your business and the tools is essential to streamlining the project and delivering quality results. Plural brings domain expertise to your PLM project - expertise that builds trust and credibility with your core team. Our experience in implmenting PLM also enables us to share best practices and avoid unnecessary mistakes and rework. 

We also maintain that it is in our customers' best interest to minimize customization of the tools whenever possible. That is why we keep busy developing ready-to-use enhancements that bring added value and performance to your implementation and users. We also specialize in providing hard to find technical resources that can help you implement PLM performance modules.


  • Aras
    - Google Drive Integration
    - Connectors
  • PTC
    - Windchill Development
    - ArborText
  • Oracle Agile
    - ATO
    - Configurator

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