If your company is considering implementing a PLM technology solution, it is critical to understand and know the essentials of PLM-what you must do before, during and following an implementation. Perhaps most important, we consult with you to determine the system that best fits your company culture and budget. It begins with providing you with a “PLM 101” education and understanding that it is about you, your people and your business requirements-not the technology, features and functionality.

Another key advantage to working with Plural is our implementation methodology. You are likely familiar with Agile SCRUM for software development but have you considered that those same process elements and controls can be applied to implement PLM? At Plural, we are innovating how PLM is implemented and as a result, we are achieving an improved and streamlined use of valuable company resources and people and delivering PLM in the shortest possible time. Using SCRUM techniques, your outcomes are predictable and on target.

Does it make sense that any implementation partner would approach PLM without SCRUM? We don't think so either. Contact us to learn more about our implementation methods and teams.