header-retail1Retail Innovator, from Plural Technology is designed exclusively as a Retail PLM for consumer and retail goods manufacturers using open source platform. With special emphasis to party goods manufacturers, our Retail PLM product addresses compliance requirements also. Its workflows and program management features help share best practices among various business units for total benefits in pushing products better and innovatively.

Features of Retail PLM Solution

Retail Innovator is packed with features that simplify operations and enhance communication and visibility among all stakeholders. Some of them are listed next.

  • Web-based Solution: A web-based solution built on open source platform that eliminates set up and license costs.
  • Product Management: Complexities of product management such are managing multiple versions of SKUs, their pricing, and margin analysis are handled efficiently in Retail Innovator, our Retail PLM solution.
  • Line Planning: Drives a unified line plan that is integrated with product development and sourcing.
  • Sourcing: The entire cycle of receiving quotations, managing RFQs, evaluating, and approving vendors is simplified as a single module in this Retail PLM.
  • Dashboards: User specific dashboards offer reports in desired formats that aid in informed decision making.

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