A high growth industry, success in the Retail sector relies on developing a business strategy that incorporates both innovative product and selling methods. Plural’s Retail PLM solution addresses these success factors by enhancing current processes and information sharing.

Plural’s Retail PLM software is an open-source solution designed for retailers and companies in the retailing sector. Our Retail PLM product addresses compliance requirements with workflows and program management features designed around industry best practices.

How a PLM helps in Retail Development

  • Responding to fast-changing consumer trends
  • Matching other retailers’ shrinking product lifecycles
  • Managing a global product development process
  • Helps to gain efficiencies in the way of designing and developing private brands
  • Reduce product and materials costs through greater clout over suppliers
  • Improve product quality
  • Improve coordination between merchants and designers
  • Get product development and sourcing to work off the same calendar
  • Design products with a price point in mind and pick better vendors
  • Collaborative Supply Webs

Challenges faced in retail development

  • Timely and accurate “one-number plan” that drives all business functions and enables planning initial assortments at the store level
  • Identifying in-season trends at the store level in real-time to determine how best to maximize sell-throughs
  • Developing synchronized supply chain competencies to react to trends and real-time market opportunities 
  • Dominance of Mass Merchants...21% of sales comes from discounters
  • Increased focus on private labels