Data Migration Services

Flex PLM - Data Migration Services

Data Migration from Old system to newly adopted system can be challenging and expensive. Data migration may impact business operations when it produces performance & compatibility issues. Plural team has expertise in standard and fully automated methods and are experienced who have carried out complex PLM data migration projects.

Plural provides an intuitive method/approach for migrating data by implementing right migration processes from source to target systems. We allow migration from legacy systems to Flex PLM or PTC PLM product suite. Plural helps minimizing data migration issues by effective Planning, Technology, implementation, testing & Validation.

We create a migration notes that provides the infrastructure details and sources of data in legacy system. The UI/DB objects and attributes of legacy system are mapped appropriately with those in FLEX PLM. Any other steps like creating views to expose a particular data will also be mentioned. These are achieved through conducting various sessions with key stakeholders (Legacy system maintenance team and FLEX  Product Owner).

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