Enterprise Integrations

Flex PLM - Enterprise Integrations

System integration services connect Flex PLM to your other systems like ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, home grown legacy ERP system or any other configuration that contribute to you business success.

Plural Team have implemented large integration projects where details not limited to Material data Product costing, Product Bill of Material (BOM) etc are pushed from PLM to ERP systems.

Flex PLM integration with well known design tool Adobe Illustrator enables designers in the Retail, Footwear, Apparel & Consumer goods industries to create product & product candidates in Flex PLM from within Adobe Illustrator. By having instant access to FlexPLM’s color and material libraries, designers can quickly create product ideas and “design cards” in FlexPLM. The result: companies can focus on design innovation and accelerate time-to-market as designers are able to take their design efficiency to an entirely new level.

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