Nike Has A New Challenge… Apple Inc.?

The apparel industry has always been innovative and progressive. But at the brink of 21st century, the industry began to keep up with the budding technologies and incorporate them in different kinds of apparel. Today, a fashion-pro isn’t someone who wears clothes from the latest Gucci line, but one who flaunts apparel that is styled with wearable technologies. From LED lighting to Bluetooth dresses to even sound equalizer tees, runway beauties now flaunt the outfits that are unimaginable for the most of us.

While the fashion industry is incorporating technology into its products, the tech industry is not far behind. For years, the wearable technology had been focused on the health and fitness industry with accessories that could be worn to regulate BP, monitor heart rate, and others. However in recent times, it has expanded its scope to the world of fashion. Integrating ideal fabric, right technology and sophisticated designs, the designers are offering people clothes and accessories that not just make them look good but also provide functionality.

Apple Inc. is the newest tech giant to dip its toes in the pool of wearable technology. The recent announcement of Apple Inc. to hire Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, for supervising the company’s wearable technology department, has sparked a stir in the fashion industry. The technology giant is now up for creating a niche in the fashion world with wearable technology. On top of that, Apple has also employed scientists from AccuVein and engineers from C8 MediSensors.

Rumor has it that Apple is planning on creating wearable tech accessories that include sensor monitoring. Apple has also been trying to register the ‘iWatch’ trademark in several countries. The yet-to-be-developed products are speculated to cover both fashion industry as well as health care industry. Apple’s move to tap into the wearable tech industry may pose a threat to Nike Inc., which came up with FuelBand, a sensor-based activity tracking wristband, in 2012. While many brands have come up with sensor-based devices like Sony SmartWatch and Google Glass, Nike, as of now, is leading the industry. As the wearable technology is taking the mainstream, Nike will also be competing with other brands in the coming years.

As people get plenty of opportunities to personalize their style in a unique way with wearable tech, its demand is eventually going to increase. Within no time, fashion and technology will intermix at a larger scale. But to come up with aesthetically pleasing clothes and accessories equipped with smart technology, companies must get the hang of both industries to become the industry leader.

Again just my thoughts ..or may be just some more wishful thinking I guess….

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