Root Causes For Making Wrong Apparel in India…

“Advance ahead to the market,” is a thing of the past. The new mantra of this fast-paced, rapidly evolving fashion industry is, “advance ahead to the customer.” Because, today, it’s a customer-centric market, not the designers or the manufacturers centric. And if you take a single wrong step, consumers simply move on ahead. In this highly competitive market, falling behind is synonymous with falling out of the business. Well enough of cliche…

The business imperative for apparel industry in the current market scenario is delivering leading-edge products to the consumers at a flashing speed. In addition to that, maintaining the quality of products and generating good revenue is also an essentiality. For years, most companies have been relentlessly going after managing their inventories, enlarging workforce at less expenses, reducing cost of operation, drawing more sales, etc. But there are only a few that had been focusing on figuring out the consumer requirements and focusing on customer satisfaction.

In recent years, the apparel industry has adopted advanced technology to ensure flawless management, higher figures, and consistent flow of work. However, most Indian companies in the industry are still living in the Stone Age – using the same old methodologies that had been around for decades. No wonder collaboration is at its worst and time consuming. There is a mad rush to reduce costs instead of providing more value to top it if several organizations have decided to embrace technology for the sake of being abreast with the demands, they are probably using primitive technology. The apathy towards technically advanced methods is one of the main reasons most businesses are left behind. Its not that technology is the cure to all ills but staying away is as good as saying good bye.

In order to strengthen their standing in the market, businesses must address these particular problems. The first step should be getting familiar with the latest technology and measures used in the apparel industry worldwide. A simple example of adopting a Digital Fit Measurement system, or a Digital Workflow tracking can help keep pace with the changing marketplace and consumer needs is important for availing business benefits faster.

With the help of the right technology at your disposal, you will significantly improve the key processes of your business and work in tandem with the demands of your consumers. There are software solutions that help in getting the pulse of the consumer, keep track of every little detail regarding businesses, as well as manage the whole process starting from design and development right up to production and distribution.

Every business in the apparel industry must have access to top-grade technology that helps it identify the errors and reduce them especially with so many technologies going Open Source and on the Cloud the cost to adopt is quite low. But is somebody listening???

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