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Data, Data, Data and a new ARAS PLM!

Retiring a legacy PDM solution or requiring the movement of the critical documents/data from other legacy systems due to an acquisition or merger is not very easy. But it is never too complex when an appropriate migration strategy and a well documented plan is in place.

What data can be migrated?

  • Documents
  • Drawings in original format and PDFs
  • Artwork
  • CAD models from a legacy PDM solution
  • Part & BOM Structure from ERP, Costing data from ERP
  • Creating relationships between Parts and Drawing, Parts and Artwork, Parts and Documents, Parts and CAD
  • Any library objects, Lists, Identities, Roles, teams, vendors, workflows, lifecycles, factories

What could be the usual challenges?

  • Data provided for migration not being recent. In other words, the legacy system undergo changes after data migration into ARAS is completed.
  • Files in legacy system might be locked and not easy to access them
  • No proper communication with data users
  • Data model of legacy system might be different from ARAS
  • Providing inappropriate references and relationships between CAD files/Parts or any two major items(Part/Document, Part/Artwork, Part/BOM Structure, Part/Drawing etc)
  • Revision of Engineering Part from ERP not matching with the correct revision of CAD files
  • If the data is maintained on shared drive, there could be inconsistencies in file naming, multiple copies of the same file or assembly references to other files.

How much data can be migrated and how we do it?

Many companies have thousands or millions of documents , drawings, artwork,CAD models, parts and products. This is a challenge which we successfully and accurately implement with a devised plan using the ETL(Extract, Transform and Load) approach.

We create a migration notes that provides the infrastructure details and sources of data in legacy system. The UI/DB objects and attributes of legacy system are mapped appropriately with those in ARAS Innovator. Any other steps like creating views to expose a particular data will also be mentioned.These are achieved through conducting various sessions with key stakeholders(Legacy system maintenance team and ARAS Product Owner).

Once the migration plan/notes is ready, we build executable that has the queries and load the data in sequential order: libraries, related data and then relationships into a staging server as per the steps given in the migration notes.This data on the staging is reviewed  by customer and the issues are fixed prior to the final production migration.

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