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Growth is impossible without change

Any software not catering to changing business needs does not have any value. It has to go through upgrades to either fix an existing issue or add new features that help the industry. Companies have their unique business needs and changing processes that require frequent customization. The cost and complexity of upgrading usually is very high after you customize your PLM and leaves you fixed to an older version of the system, missing out on new enhancements.

Upgrade Process:

  •  We provide the current code tree and DB from production to ARAS Upgrade team
  •  ARAS Upgrade team provides the upgrade plan which has the target timelines for around 7   test passes.
  •  During the first test pass, ARAS does the API changes for the newer version, tests and provides us the code tree and DB of the newer version
  •  Plural team in coordination with Product owner prepares a test plan, tests the new version and sends the issues to Upgrade team.
  •  All the issues are fixed in subsequent Test Passes till there is a clean and stable ARAS Innovator of the newer version.

Upgrade Challenges:

    •         Browser upgrades
    •         Browser configurations
    •         Handling API changes

ARAS PLM with their subscription provides free upgrade whenever you are ready regard less of how much is your customization.And we support you throughout this process by collaborating with ARAS.

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