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Flex PLM - Implementation Consulting

Flex PLM is a Product Lifecycle Management tool from PTC company for Retail, Footwear, Apparel & Consumer product industry. It helps companies to streamline entire product development processes from Concept, Design to Store.

We help companies to address product or business challenges as mentioned below, through our Flex PLM implementation and consulting services by bringing innovation in product development process resulting in reduction in product lead time & development costs.

Few of the important challenges in the Industry are –

  • What is Flex Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail, Footwear & Apparel (RFA) Industry?
  • How it helps in product cycle time reduction?
  • Are you late in bringing you product in market & in time according to trend?
  • How season planning & calendar management
  • How Flex PLM improves internal & external collaboration?
  • How flex PLM connect Design, Merchandising, Sourcing, Sample Making. Quality, Product Costing team to improve internal collaboration & also vendors to improve external collaboration?
  • Are you still using Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF to create & manage Tech Packs & Merchandising, Line & Assortment Planning?
  • How do you manage Product/Style Specification?
  • How do you track product or style changes?
  • How do manage supplier & rate them according to their performance?

Plural has extensive knowledge of retail industry and its experienced functional & technical consultant helped companies to overcome business challenges by bringing innovation resulting in reduction in product lead time & development costs.

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