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Oracle Agile PLM - Implementation Consulting

Successfully implementing a PLM system helps to manage product data and automate business processes which increases productivity and improve the quality of products and procedures and ultimately results into more new products, shorten time-to-market, reduce costs etc. Plural has successfully implemented various challenging Agile implementation projects across Industries. We have the expertise to solve complex problems that many mature and growing organization faces on a regular basis by providing highly skilled technical specialists in the field of Oracle Agile PLM.

At whatever stage you are in your organization to get your Oracle Agile PLM Implementation to the next level, we at Plural are your trusted partners in that endeavor. Following elements should be included for a successful PLM Implementation.

  • Define objectives & goals for PLM strategy
  • Project Management
  • Review Business Practices and processes
  • Solution Design
  • Software Installation
  • Configurations and Customizations
  • Application integration (CAD, ERP, legacy systems, others)
  • Data Migration
  • Testing/Validation
  • UAT, Administrator training
  • Go Live
  • Post Go Live Support

Plural can help you in each of above steps to ensure a successful PLM implementation.

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