Tailoring and Customization Service

Oracle Agile PLM - Tailoring and Customization Service

Tailoring and Customization of Agile PLM is very flexible and offers customizations to talk the language of your business and adapt business processes that are just right for your unique business requirements. When tailored and customized correctly, your PLM solution can pave way for an efficient and productive system that helps your organization to maintain their bottom lines along with the best Returns on the Investment.

Customization needs for any company can vary deeply based upon their business model. In the Product Lifecycle Industry, the correct tailoring and customization can be a real differentiator for a company. After the successful implementation, it is critical to continuously improve the PLM system.

Plural can help you configure agile objects in language of your business, define workflows, develop custom Process Extensions, event based process automations, custom reports or even custom web applications on top of Agile PLM. Plural has worked for more than 50 customers to enhance their Agile PLM in many ways. Plural’s pre-built Process Extensions for generic business processes can help to reduce customization cost with minimum enhancements.

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