Speed Up Time to Completion Order Bookings

Keeping track of inventory, amount of required material, quantity of products at hand and number of shipped products, etc. are of utmost importance for an Apparel and Retail company. At the beginning of every season, brands add SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to their database for new orders. And every time,new units are made, companies have to update the database to reflect the changes in the products at hand.

In order to track products and maintain perpetual inventory regularly, brands are required to go through the daunting process of manually updating the database. Back in the days, brands would write down every little detail in files and maintain them throughout the season. And today, the database is nothing more than a mere excel sheet. Despite the fact that excel sheets are designed to meet the bookkeeping requirements of many businesses, they somehow don’t match up to keeping track of the apparel manufacturing process at different stages. Manually entering various information to the database is a time consuming and error ­prone task. And this cumbersome process is now made easier by Apparel Innovator, a web-based open source PLM tool for apparel industry. The tool integrates into the company’s chosen process and automatically updates the database, ensuring accuracy.

A web­ based Apparel Innovator assures that booking order online is no longer a difficult task. Owing to its digital framework and the fact that it can be accessed on the cloud, EBOs, MBOs, Agents and even Franchises can book order online.Other than updating database automatically and reducing the need for manual entry, Apparel Innovator also has different modules including product development, sourcing, BI reporting, project management and lots more. On top of that, this product gives a boost to the process of procuring material. This further results in reducing lead time as well as cost. Apparel Innovator is an efficient process ­driven PLM system, which replaces various age­ old systems, lengthy documents and obsolete processes within an organisation.

The everyday challenges of apparel industry require brands to adapt to the latest technology as per the market demands. And with Apparel Innovator, a brand can stay one step ahead of its competitors as this open source PLM covers all stages of product development starting from ideation and season planning up to improving product quality and marketing.

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