Apparel Innovator, Plural’s Ready, Set, GO! apparel, fashion and footwear PLM software solution, is built as an open source solution for apparel manufacturing and other organizations in the fashion sector. It effectively integrates product development and sourcing processes with other business processes like manufacturing and sales to surpass today’s industry and business challenges. In addition to providing all modules required for an apparel PLM solution, Apparel Innovator also works as an independent apparel sourcing software that integrates sourcing and supplier management. Contact us for more details and free trial.

Why Apparel PLM Software

Apparel Innovator, our PLM solution for apparel, fashion and footwear industries is clearly ahead of its competition thanks to superlative features. It is also the chosen apparel sourcing software by leading players in the industry. Here are some of the differentiators.

  • Web based solution requiring minimum hardware and software
  • Open source software for apparel sourcing and PLM
  • Available on cloud
  • Seamless bidirectional integration of CAD and ERP
  • Availability of SOA based open APIs
  • Discounts and free training
  • Security Updates

Advantages of Apparel PLM Software

Apparel Innovator, our open source PLM is also a new generation apparel sourcing software. It has several advantages over traditional PLM software for apparel industry. The most important of them are listed next.

  • Unlimited Users: Avoid licenses and associated headaches. Our apparel PLM software has no limit on the number of Users. Go for it and all your users get it.
  • User Friendly: While having all the modules and features of traditional PLMs, Apparel Innovator is a very user friendly software that requires very limited ramp up time.
  • Free Upgrade: A first of its kind – unlike other PLM vendors, our apparel PLM/sourcing software offers product upgrades at no extra cost!
  • Subscription: Payments are based on subscription and not on modules – making this PLM solution cost effective for customers.
  • Innovation in Modules: Full fledged sourcing module with Time and Action calendar makes this apparel sourcing software child's play for fulfilling apparent sourcing needs.

Apparel Innovator as Clothing Design Software

Design development, the critical activity of fashion companies is available as a full-fledged module in our fashion PLM. All the features of designing, modeling, color and trim management are available just like any stand-alone clothing design software. With libraries for fabric, trim and other fashion accessories, our PLM for fashion, apparel and accessories companies is also one of the most intuitive clothing design software. The design tool integrates seamlessly with CAD reducing design iterations, giving more time for trendy designs and creativity.

Apparel Innovator as Fashion PLM Solution

The only open source fashion PLM available today, our Apparel Innovator has extensive modules for each and every stage of apparel or accessories production. Each module works like an independent application such as an apparel sourcing software (sourcing module) or clothing design software (design module).

This fully web-based application comes with a host of features and merits in addition to eliminating licensing woes. Call us today at 1-844-814-9310 or contact us for a demo.

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